Happy New Year


control - tell or ask?

Christmas present links

Sweet angels

Well done Jabu and Ursula

ushaka sea world saves a python

we are the fear we see

praise song to the Rhinoceros (Credo Mutwa)

a beautiful insight about Rhino

Fish just want to have fun, according to a new study that finds even fish 'play'

Social make up


technology diminishes relationship and intuition

planet in a bubble

Today is black cat appreciation day :)

Respect - fear or love?

Happy birthday Jula


The owl and the pussy cat. Lovely story!

Czech animal training courses

Animals or people?


Love my job.

Being present

Celebrating the Legacy of Nellie - Blog - Georgia Aquarium

thinking horses - the only way!

On our own

I love


Ahhh. There is the love

Eco-activists 'waddle' 123km for penguin promises

Doing stuff for animals with amazing people

Horses from heaven

Always been a journey

Selso on his way