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Choice is not a “right”

In this "Me2" age I find a lot of confusion about rights and responsibility. When we have a "right" to something - a way of thinking or being or ownership, what does that mean? I would like to suggest that it means we are asking to be responsible for our actions. Sadly all too often we get lost in the rule and give our power away. I love watching respectful responsible relating - Sikhona in this pic has that understanding with Zulu
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In love with life?

 Best lesson I ever had is summarised as “live what you feel is right rather than fight for it”. I used to be activist about everything. Idealistic to a fault. Setting high standards for myself and focussing on anything threatening. What does this have to do with animals? If I am continually focussing on what I fear I have my defences up. And in this state I cannot see what is good or focus on what works. In so many interactions with people and their animals the script I find that works is to get folk to drop their defences. Help them start to see when things are working. And then celebrate the fact that the more we do this, the more it happens.   Age old wisdom: what we focus on expands♥️ I see a lot of judgment in the worldand notice than when I am in a state of judgement unable to focus on solutions. Judgement keeps me stuck. Becoming present is where I can fall in love with life again. And experience the joy and miracle of the life that surrounds me. 

Celebrating miracles - Unicorn magic

 This is a celebration. When I see news like this I figure someone is trying to sell me something! I promise - no strings attached to this story. I simply feel grateful joy that I wish to share❤️ Gandalph arrived as a miraculous event in around 2003. A story for another day. If you look at him in perfect light you can see his magic. My kids grew up knowing he had a unicorn horn. He teaches so many lessons. End of 2020 was a hard lesson.  Two rounds of chemo and the vet visited once more with the news “- a surgical procedure in our surgery is required. We need to remove his eye”. I felt devastated.  I am the daughter of an amazing vet. An intuitive man who taught me about respect for all life forms. He had just left to be a vet in heavenly realms. He had always been my go to at times like this. I called on him for heavenly guidance… I found some interesting alternate therapies through a great rebel. Felt like I had nothing to lose. So dived in and began what I figured would be a hit and

Prayer of thanks

For dreams and wishes, fears and failures, thank you For spirit movers and dull intruders, thank you For joyful breezes and stifling still, thank you For life in colour and end in spite, thank you. As I walk the gentle path, toward a now that is the spark, I miss the fill that you provide So trash the mill that is my mind. You create and so do I When I attach you push me to fly into oblivion until I find That grace is here, not in my mind I search for magic like an obsessed seeker You twist my drama you grim reaper The miracles are here for all The gifts unlimited, life and more There is no need for nought but grace And gratitude in Wirikuta space Thank you for the steps I walk And every moment I don't talk Thanks for all the time I be And for when I see and see Thanks for touch and when they hold And let me return the gifts of gold The fortress that surrounds my heart Is fragile when I sense Your art And thankfully erodes in time When oneness

Truth from a remarkable man

Fwd: Merry Christmas from Promises

Merry Christmas from Promises  Dear PenguinPromises The eggs have hatched and there are now two beautiful baby penguins for Promises to take care of. Hatching out of the egg is hard work for the chicks. In children's cartoons the eggs just pop open and out jumps the chick, but it is not like that in real life for penguins. It takes many hours for a penguin chick to fight its way out of the egg. Penguins are heavy birds, so to prevent the eggs from breaking under the weight of Promises lying over them, the egg shell has to be strong and hard to break. That is good for stopping the eggs from breaking, but it is bad news for the chick inside trying to get out. The chick is also squeezed inside the egg and hardly has any space to move around. However the chick has been provided with a special tool that can help it escape. Inside the egg the chick has grown a little spike on the upper tip of its beak, which is called the 'Egg Tooth'. This spike has just one purpose; to make a h

Update from Mike on wild penguins in S America

> > Dear PenguinPromises > > The penguins began arriving back in the colony in early October. The male > penguins arrive about 10 days before the females, and gather on the beach > waiting for the females to arrive. The pairs become separated during the > winter migration, and this is how they meet up again. It is a reunion in > which it is okay for the female to arrive late, but not the male. > > There are more male eggs laid than female eggs, so there are always more > male penguins than females in the population. If the male looses his > partner, it is more difficult for him to find another unattached female. It > is therefore important for the male to be ready and waiting when his partner > returns to the colony, in order to avoid loosing her to a competitor, of > which there are many. > > By contrast, not only is it easier for the female to find a replacement > partner, but she is also running ag