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I do not believe it is naïve to expect that everyone is, at essence driven from love. Challenge as I have just discovered is that we are all challenged by so many variables in our relative existence that we experience this love differently. We loose its truth and justify our loss, resulting actions and definition of our personal experiences of love with arguments and excuses. Yet I believe that real Love is pure. All the stories move us from the purity to a state of confusion.

So, I find my naïve self, close to the age of 50, realising that I feel very alone in my own belief systems. For example, my compassion and empathy for people and animals is not different. I feel strongly for both. It seems that many do differentiate. And then I find myself at the edge of judging. The question I have to remind myself is what do I know about right or wrong.

I have tried to surround myself with like-minded people. Not always possible. Not even my family share my choice to be vegetarian. So di…

what a gift!!!

I do go on and on about this topic - and if you read my blog you will forgive me and read it again - THANK GOD FOR ANIMALS.  The question - how does anybody get through the day without them?  If I was only in contact with people day in an day out I would have seriously considered, or even done it - jumping of a builiding.  Not only is it a relief to have animal contact, it is also the necessary lesson.  Just being called to be present.  To simply be in the moment experiencing the animal and relating to it in the moment - what a friggin gift!

There has been a fair amount of research done on the fact that interacting with animals is good for the soul, and the physical. Get with the program people. Cities and landlords - start allowing animals in your buildings. The world will change if you do this. Seriously!

The other awesome event this week was teaching a little stranded seal that washed up on the beach to eat.  He learned, very gently, in just three feeds.  We have nicknamed him…

Love working with people who care

I was inspired today when I watched this young lady talk to this Octopus. They touched, tentacle to finger and seemed to enjoy a moment together. Why not?
Just a short while back in our heritage we were afraid of wolves and would never have imagined it to be commonplace to share our homes with them.
We have moved to a different place in relationship with animals.

And yet some of us are still poles apart. Vegetarians and braai masters?!
Some cultures still easily hunt for dolphins while many find the thought barbaric. Some have no problems harvesting animal parts to improve their libido while there are others of us who gasp in despair that they do this.

I pray for the bliss of respect between all species. I believe that is possible. When we allow ourselves to feel. Imagine that world.
And remember that imagination is like ancient prayer. Very powerful.
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FW: Tangled In Trash - A Whale Shark Rescue

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Spotting a whale shark is a dream for many divers but what happened next will amaze you!

Divemaster Daniel Zapata and the Solmar V crew were ecstatic at sighting a 35 foot whale shark – every divers dream. Their happiness soon turned to sadness when they saw a huge line wrapped around the pregnant whale shark cutting into her skin threatening the life of the shark and her unborn baby. Sadly, this entanglement  story is more common than you might think.  Marine debris chokes, tangles and kills  thousands of marine animals  each year. Please  donate now to help make a difference.

For this distressed whale shark, Daniel Zapata and fellow divers knew they must act quickly.  It was decision time.    Despite opinions that it would be too difficult and dangerous to free the whale shark, Daniel knew they had to remove the rope.   "It felt so good to cut the whale shark free.  I found a thinner section of the rope and cut through it. I …

cove slaughter

I am saddened and battling to understand people again.  The cove dolphins are cordoned off, awaiting slaughter.  Some being taken to dolphin facilities world wide.  How do people stand there and do this?  How do they sleep at night with those decisions in their head?  Then again how do we all?  Driving to a bird sanctuary yesterday I saw a cattle truck on its way to the abattoir.  What is the difference?  Then I saw a bearded vulture at the sanctuary.  Only 320 of the left in the world and they are planning wind generators in their area – a certain death certificate. 
Here is a prayer – look into the eyes of an animal.  Or a human.  See them for the miracle that they are.  Then make choices that are respectful and loving.  As yourself – What would love do?  I am so grateful that I am surrounded by animals.  And so grateful that there is no effort required for me to care for them.