Hearty story written by Richard Rosewarne. Well worth the read.

Happy holidays everybody!

"touching animal souls" - link to buy book

Live now


So much personality in such a tiny poppet

Happy Birthday Khethiwe

Charlie and his empty catnip treat packet

Such angels

Wouldn't have it any other way!

Celebrating African Penguin day at Sea World uShaka

International African Penguin Day this Saturday

Pests! Amazing

What was that? What was that?


A shark that likes being stroked

what a gift!!!

Love working with people who care

FW: Tangled In Trash - A Whale Shark Rescue

cove slaughter

Gorgeous baby seal

Gandalph's Dad Dream

fun is just a choice away

Crazy love

I am bloody lucky

Happy Birthday beautiful Khanya

Facebook newsfeed post by: ducks toy toy

Soulful moments

Support Rhinos. With drummers!

Tool use

penguins from heaven

surrender = trust

Wild cat...not

Beautiful beasty blankie

How do you get out of bed on a cold winter's morning with this angel on your lap

Oh how lucky I am to know and love you!

Meditating for World Ocean Day

Love is natural