New year party losses

direct link to God

Dogs and horses

My sons. We live on a stunning planet.

Dogs and cats co-existing

Sleeping in. With some great company.

Little Jack

tiny perspective

A moments love

I love Draco

Sasha as a puppy

Cat family

Khethiwe's birthday

Missing Jabba

Legendary Lady. Happy Birthday Gimli

perfect moments that are remembered as feelings!

Their purposeful lives

shade and ego

so much inspiration and support


Touching Animal Souls: Touching Animal Souls Article in "Animal Talk" mag...

Touching Animal Souls Article in "Animal Talk" magazine

what you focus on expands

Touching Animal Souls facebook link

horizons unlimited link to myspace

What did you see when you opened your eyes this morning

What is success?

cleopatra the queen

Touching Animal Souls: Well spring magazine

Juice magazine feature

Thank you Mango Airlines Inflight magazine "Juice" for chatting about "Touching Animal Souls"

week of unconditional considerations

Was international African Penguin day yesterday

Charlie doing good

I love Charlie

irony - copied from fb

cuban ballerina like a cat


No dogs allowed

creative way

Are we like rhino poachers?

Thank you exclusive books.

Penguin Promises

Khwezi - true star

Companion deluxe

book launch

Horizons Unlimited

handsome angel

in the moment

what is stress

glorious summer days, animals and an attitude shift.

self awareness and then some

Touching Animal Souls: ego paying me back

ego paying me back

when is it enough

Touching Animal Souls: ego-less relationship

ego-less relationship

Leadership is as clear as black and white

Touching Animal Souls: legendary teacher

legendary teacher


3 precious boys

Don't stop playing

Hermione and Charlie

See what you feel

Thank you old friends