when the student is ready an animal appears

I feel so liberated at times - and other times I am still a reactive bitch - but the feeling of liberation is growing - thanks to animals

I notice - as a result of how much they steal my heart - what gets my hackles up.  I have practised noticing while with animals.  I have practised looking at their reactions and working on being clearer so I don't get their hackles up.  It is the funnest thing to do.
Thank you to an endless list of critters for being the best teachers ever - and the lessons continue.

Frodo - the master guru
So, what does this have to do with anything - yesterday I was accused of being passively annoying.  "You have changed," they said.  "You used to shout for what you wanted.  You used to fight."  And I giggled in a tumultuous roar of appreciation.  This face and heart and soul is anything but passive.  What I have learned - from the beasts in my life - is that a fight is not a loud and fist pumping one.  It is loving, rational, fearless and fun.  This is how this is described: 
1. love:  when it is about love - true love - not just the kind that I think is love - so, in other words, when it is about the greater good.
2. rational: when it is about solving something that can be solved - this is so important.  How many arguments I have had to be right - as opposed to reaching a resolution.
3. fearless: when it is not about fear - in other words, I have seen the solution and know how to get there with confidence
4. fun:  when it is light and I can stay cognisant of my reactions - when I let go and am not conscious of my thought trajectories - I have lost.

Yes.  The bitch does over-ride at times.  I am finding the bitch more and more comical.  Thank God!

They were lessons once again from the guru animals: 
1. love:  when I communicate through love - I communicate from an ethical and clear standpoint and I am more successful in the training
2. rational:  when I know what I want to communicate, then I know how to reach the end of the training session with clarity - so I am being more ethical, and hence will be more successful
3. fearless:  when I am unafraid, I am clear and confident, and inspire confidence in those around me.
4. fun:  when it is light - we all have fun.  man and beast.

so - know - there is fight in me.  And it is a quest for joy - for all in my space, on my planet, and inside me.


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