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when the student is ready an animal appears

I feel so liberated at times - and other times I am still a reactive bitch - but the feeling of liberation is growing - thanks to animals

I notice - as a result of how much they steal my heart - what gets my hackles up.  I have practised noticing while with animals.  I have practised looking at their reactions and working on being clearer so I don't get their hackles up.  It is the funnest thing to do.
Thank you to an endless list of critters for being the best teachers ever - and the lessons continue.

So, what does this have to do with anything - yesterday I was accused of being passively annoying.  "You have changed," they said.  "You used to shout for what you wanted.  You used to fight."  And I giggled in a tumultuous roar of appreciation.  This face and heart and soul is anything but passive.  What I have learned - from the beasts in my life - is that a fight is not a loud and fist pumping one.  It is loving, rational, fearless and fun.  This is how this i…

Czech book - launch gratitude

Thank you again to my Czech friends and colleagues for making this possible.  I am again, so grateful for the wonderful opportunity to learn from all of you, and contribute towards our greater perspective in relationship with animals. I am truly amazed.  I have been considering the lessons I have learned, personally, on my journey through the world of animal relationship with human kind, and furthermore, how the behaviour management and animal welfare industry have grown.  We are considering and doing things now that were completely foreign concepts just 10 years ago.  We have changed our attitudes towards animals almost 360 degrees in the last 100 years.  We are looking at how we can provide more choice and control.  We are scientifically investigating empathy between animal and human.  We are looking and seeing things from the animal's point of view.  We are focussing on partnerships and psychological well-being.  And so much more I look forward to more lessons.  I look forwar…