stick to the facts - five hints on how to...

Sometimes easier said than done.  Stick to the facts.  Your facts are not mine.  Your idea is not the as mine, and you assume so much that I don't even know about - and visa versa.  The joy of our experience is that we all come from differing perspectives.  Take this baggage into relationship with animals - Not fair!


  1. Get mentally fit.  Practise listening and not going off on a tangent.  Keep a question in mind - even with an animal.  So, if in a training session focus on one thing at a time.
  2. Stop, Look, Adjust, Move - when working with an animal and it is not going according to plan, stop practising what is not working out.  Do something else and come back clear.
  3. Be prepared - so, know what the point of the communication is - what are you wanting to share, experience, teach, learn.
  4. Play.  It is not all about the facts, or the rules or the judgement.  Take time out to just enjoy being with the animal.  Lots of time
  5. Breathe and be.  There is nothing more wonderful than being in relationship with animals.  The more we are - the more confident we become in their presence, and before we know it - they read our minds and we read theirs.
Basic respect - seeing things from another's point view - without an agenda.


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