so friggin' lucky

Yes yes.  I received an accolade for what I have done in my career.  Much gratitude for the award.  I did not do a speech of thanks.  And don't want this to be that cheesy speech.

So, with that fear in the open, I do want to say something really important.

I feel humbled, and unworthy.  I have so many people in my life who are enthusiastic about what we do.  Spirited in their passion.  Inspirational in their humility.  And more than likely much more worthy than I am of receiving an award. 

The opportunity to be acknowledged may not exist for them.  For whatever reason.  However I know and respect and honour my community.

I cannot name one or two as this would simply leave out a host of others. 

People who were with me during my career sometimes just for a moment knew more than I did, and fought harder than I did for what they believed. 

Then there those who were with me for longer, and moved on to do amazing things in this very industry.  And in other industries.  Things I would never have dreamed up.  Things that are so exciting, worthwhile and in the best interests of our world. 

Those who have retired.  Wow.  Beat the drum till the finish line with magnanimous energy.

And there are the golden oldies.  The folk who are still around.  Hammering old battles to death, finding and flowing with new inspiration.

There are also some mentors and bosses who have allowed, guided and scolded - all with good purpose.

And the enemies of my doggedness.  The people who said no.  The people who think I am crazy.  You too inspire something.

Family.  Whew.  Feel so blessed.  Over and over.  My family. 

So yes.  It is all about the animals.  They do come first.  They are my community and family too.  They are the reason I feel and do what I do.  So grateful to them. 

With that said -  without souls around me to walk with me, fight with me, sing with me, laugh with me, work with me, love with me and inspire with me - nothing is possible.  Life is not a one man show.  This is a party of experience, and nobody is to be left out.  Celebrate all that we do. 

Suffice is to say.  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!


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