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A heart-stealing seal - Testament to caring "EMO" animal people

Why is he here.  Washed up on KZN beach.  An Antarctic Fur seal.  Welcome ArctoPart of my job – how lucky am I – is to work with our animal care teams to assist stranded animals.  The job with Arcto has been to teach him to eat fish from our hands, so we can fatten him up and release him when he is healthy.  To get this right, we need to be totally aware of our actions in relation with him, and his reactions in relation to us.  When we approach him he may feel threatened, for example.  So we use this information to tell him what we wish from him.  On our approach, every time he is calm, we leave the space, so increasing his motivation to be calm.  Using this simple method of noting what motivates him, the rehab team, have successfully taught him to eat from us.  I would just like to say, once again, how fortunate I feel to do what I do.  And to be supported by a team that is so sensitive and intent to do what needs doing for the right reason.  For example, observation skills had to be…

Prayer for pleasantries and action

I believe I work as a conservationist.  I work with captive animals. How does that work?Because I feel so strongly that human beings – for the most part – and probably unwittingly - do not take responsibility for their actions.  I have been in a position where I have employed people in this industry.  I never took anyone who believed that animals should be in captivity.  I have always taken people who have a conscience.  People who are passionate about individual animal care with a vision to shifting our public’s perception – not to shut down our facilities, but to inspire folk to do what needs doing to take care of our planet.  So that the wild can still exist.And now we seem to be running out of time.And sadly, it seems that the arguments are becoming about who is right and who is wrong, rather than – focussing on what needs doing.On behalf of all the people who work with the incredible animals in our facilities.  Animals who are ambassadors for their species – I implore – beg – ple…

so friggin' lucky

Yes yes.  I received an accolade for what I have done in my career.  Much gratitude for the award.  I did not do a speech of thanks.  And don't want this to be that cheesy speech.

So, with that fear in the open, I do want to say something really important.

I feel humbled, and unworthy.  I have so many people in my life who are enthusiastic about what we do.  Spirited in their passion.  Inspirational in their humility.  And more than likely much more worthy than I am of receiving an award. 

The opportunity to be acknowledged may not exist for them.  For whatever reason.  However I know and respect and honour my community.

I cannot name one or two as this would simply leave out a host of others. 

People who were with me during my career sometimes just for a moment knew more than I did, and fought harder than I did for what they believed. 

Then there those who were with me for longer, and moved on to do amazing things in this very industry.  And in other industries.  Things I would…

Fly free angel princess

Sasha. A dream come true. A puppy till a dignified elderly lady.  She is off to meet friends of ours. Cleopatra the pig is waiting for her. And there will be others to join her flock. Which she will lead. Because that is who she is. They may even have been waiting for her. Any space has improved energy when she is there. It has always been so.

 We let her go this morning.  Away from her pain. Went for a short walk with her earlier. Off the lead in the bush. I am so grateful for the empathetic bond we share. Where I could just motion and she would look up to see where the path would lead us. It has been the joy that has created so many memories.  Hours and hours of walks and runs. In the bush. On the road. On the beach. 

Meditating with her keeping my feet warm. Sliding in next to me at night. Waiting at the gate for my return with that welcome only she can give. Long road trips. Just the two of us. Teaching her to swim in the sea. Sandy car rides home after. She dog-reared a couple …