Farewell Hermione


 Hermione joined our family as a wild feral cat when she was pregnant.  This is her with her litter, looking very untrusting.  That all changed the longer she was with us. 
In the end she was one of the most trusting animals I have ever had the privilege of knowing.  She was very ill in the last months of her life.  I had to be nebulise and inject and medicate with tablets.  She let me do it all without restraint.  She knew she could leave anytime.  She also obviously worked out that she felt better as a result of the treatments.

Eventually I was put in a position where I had to choose to let her go.  I have never really been comfortable with the issue of euthanasia.  Suffering also makes me wince.  It just freaks me out that I have to play God in situations like this.  I had to be clear that I am letting her go for her sake and not mine.  How do we truly know the answer to that?

I have done the animal communication telepathy course.  I did try talk to her.  I trust I heard right. 

Bless you Hermione.  Thank you for the honour of knowing such a graceful wise lady.

This is the cat who woke me up in the middle of the night after she and the other cats in the house were unable to go and relieve themselves outside through the usually open window due to some mad cat-speciest dogs that had come to stay. The other two cats were sitting on the base of my bed watching and Hermione was peeing on my chest.  As if to say, what do you want us to do?  I could not even be mad.  She had a very valid point, and I did fix the problem very quickly(0:

I am so so grateful for her time with me and our family.  Love you my mione.  Till we meet again - stay in my happy memory place.  I know I will stroke your little back and feel your crooked tail once more.  Because the type of togetherness you gifted me is eternal.


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