I do not believe it is naïve to expect that everyone is, at essence driven from love. Challenge as I have just discovered is that we are all challenged by so many variables in our relative existence that we experience this love differently. We loose its truth and justify our loss, resulting actions and definition of our personal experiences of love with arguments and excuses. Yet I believe that real Love is pure. All the stories move us from the purity to a state of confusion.

So, I find my naïve self, close to the age of 50, realising that I feel very alone in my own belief systems. For example, my compassion and empathy for people and animals is not different. I feel strongly for both. It seems that many do differentiate. And then I find myself at the edge of judging. The question I have to remind myself is what do I know about right or wrong.

I have tried to surround myself with like-minded people. Not always possible. Not even my family share my choice to be vegetarian. So discomfort in a lonely place. Wondering if perhaps I am insane. And knowing at a soul level that I cannot be different from this.

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