To trust yourself - be clear what you want

My wise mentor put these words in my head this weekend.  At face value they mean nothing.  When I look at whether I know what I want, the secret begins to be revealed.  Very often, in my line of work, and in my personal life I think that what I want is what makes me look good, or feel acknowledged or important.  And this can breed underlying resentment and misery in my life.  Because what I really want is to be doing stuff that I want to do - for no real outcome. 
What do I really want - to be appreciating every moment - unconditionally.  No concern about what the result of the moment will hold for me.  Whether I will be liked or disliked, heard or ignored, respected or disrespected.  Just in the moment.  Light without my expectations.  Just as it is when I am relating to an animal.  No consequence. 


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