I offer a number of animal training and care instruction courses.  These will be customised to suit your needs.  References for courses are available.

Some courses that have proven very popular to date:
  • Introduction to Animal Training Communication - "Ethical communication":  This course is a general workshop that takes 4 to 5 hours.  We look at the basic animal behaviour theory, and look at how to use it when starting out.
  • Ego and animal training - This is a 2 hour workshop where the concepts of ego are discussed.  How thoughts about ourselves affect and limit our ability to interact with animals and life are outlined.  Some practical insight is usually achieved as  a result of this workshop.
  • Intuition Workshop - This is a 4 hour theoretical and practical workshop where as a group we look at the practicalities of intuition, how to develop it, and how to utilise it to improve our relationships with the animal's in our lives. 
  • Advanced Concepts - In this 4 hour workshop, we look at various concepts that assist us to become better at understanding ourselves, as well as the animals in our care.
  • Identifying personal limitations to achieving pure ethical relationship - EQ investigations
Some courses are done in conjunction with a company called Horse Gentlers International.

Courses include - These modules are stand alone and people can go through them as far as they would like.  All courses include a theoretical and practical aspect.  It is possible to do modules 1 through 5 as a full course - called Relationship building.
  • INTRODUCTORY PRESENTATION- "Busting the Horse Whispering Myth"  no charge (arranged at your will)  - 1 1/2 hour Outcome - to teach you the basic principles of Horse Gentlers International.
  • MODULE ONE - cost on request.  One day course.  Outcome - Introducing behaviour principles and assisting students (people and horses) to understand the language to use to make training progress.
  • MODULE TWO - cost on request.  One day course.  Introducing riding kit and teaching ground work - creating the basics.
  • MODULE THREE - cost on request.  One day course.  Building trust and boxing.
  • MODULE FOUR - cost on request.  One day course.  Moving the ground work into the saddle.
  • MODULE FIVE - cost on request.  One day course.  Into the future. 

horse training - backing
horse training - relationship building (This course is done for the South African Police Services mounted unit - sole provider for their horse training requirements)
Horse Gentlers International staff are also available to do consultancies should you require an objective opinion of your operations

School training on animal training as well as leadership - lessons from animals.
Theoretical introduction to animal training

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