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Love this gentleman

Mashatu the king of my hill

Precious copycat

Humor me

Every time I am with animals they are letting me be. I could fool myself and think I was controlling the situation but in truth my level of awareness is not close to theirs. They are totally tuned in and I usually have moments that distract me from the present. Motivated by fear and joy. And then I remember that it is just me in this crazy world and I experience a moment or two of bliss.

The Disney song Let it go is not an anthem of choice. I prefer the good old Beatles number Let it be. Let it go implies I have something to lose. In relationship with animals that is just silly. Ownership or domain or control is contrary to the essence of relating to another being. The best I can always do for the beautiful souls in my life is offer acceptance. Let it be. From here we can communicate without agendas.

Love this liberation