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Creating a reality based on our beliefs

Went to the beach with Sage today. She loves Durban beach as much as I do and is getting  braver and braver in the water😁
It was a cool day and quiet. One other family was walking their two dogs. Sage loves making friends and ran over to do just that. Then she became really confused..The family were convinced she wanted to eat their dogs. They yelled at her with some swear words decorating their script. They picked up sand and threw it at her. Their dogs looked confused too and then began to join in the assault. Sage retreated to me in disappointment. 
The insults were not over. The family threw a few my way too. 
Was crazy to see how they believed the world was out to get them and their dogs. How they could have created a scary dog fight that would simply have "made them feel right" And justified their fears.
Imagine a world where we had faith before fear. Where we could meet each other- dogs in tow without expectation. If we could see what was before us rather than our b…