break the mould, lose the system and go with the flow

In our quest to do right by the animals we adore, we stuff up so regularly.  One of the main things we do wrong - is try to be right... Confidence comes - not from always being right, but from not fearing being wrong. 
We can google how to back a horse, or train a dog to heel. And the information will no doubt be helpful. The question then is – will we be able to carry out the recipe and ensure that we are respecting the angel before us.  That is more important than the recipe...
Of course - understanding behaviour and motivation and definitions assists us to achieve amazing feats with the incredible animals in our lives.  We can problem solve concerns, logically see things from the animal's point of view using all the behaviour theory.  The fundamentals to relationship can however  be summed up in one statement – “do what you do with respect, and own your actions”.  In other words, don't blame the animal, the situation or anyone or anything – Rather - see what is right before you, and go with that.
 Sticking to a system - the rules - and stubbornly insisting that the system is the essence - is a crutch.  Humans rely on crutches because then we can offload responsibility – rather than own our actions... 
Office politics is rife with 'rules and regulations' - usually because managers are too afraid, lazy, brazen, dominant, soft-hearted (or whatever the excuse may be) to handle the 'problem people', so they make a rule to govern the whole office.  In this, we don't afford the 'problem people' an opportunity to explain themselves, we create undercurrents of mistrust, and we trip over ourselves to ensure that all march in time to a less fun tune. Etc etc.
Rules on how to train or how to interact with animals can be a crutch.  An excuse.  They can be used to limit our ability to be creative.  They can end up reducing an animal’s ability to trust us.  They can squash the flow.  Be in relationship – have respect for the awesome critter before you – enough respect to see them the way you see a friend – because that is what they are.  Don't underestimate that they are amazing, clever and sentient.  So grateful for the many people I work with and interact with around the world who know this.  Let’s keep sharing that love.
 Let’s keep messing up – having fun – being wrong –most of all – loving those angels


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