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Liberated insight

Stepping back
When we look.  truly look, so much is visible. Learning to paint has helped me to look more closely at so much.  Not just the canvas.  What I find so interesting, is that when I am painting up close, I often doubt that what I am doing is going to work.  Then I step back and see the shadows and highlights and am amazed at how it all come together.

The same is to be said about any relationship.  With people or animals.  When in the thick of it, you either have faith, or doubt.  Is either of these misguided? 
When we step back, we can see what is truly going on.  With whom are we truly in a fulfilling relationship ?  Who are we trying to please?  Who do we find enthusiastic?  Who is a taker? Who is a giver?  Does the animal truly wish to be with us?  Does the person really care about us? 

Liberated insight.
And then we can proceed without attachment.  And truly be in relationship for relationship sake.

Light on the rainbow bridge

Dear JulaIt has been 2 years since you left this realm.
Lessons since you parted
                Broken hearts do not mend – their pain simply colours a new perspective                As the days pass, I don’t miss you any less – simply put more conscious energy into the time spent with loved ones                Your inspired 100% - is hard to live up to in the moments of missing you.  So you are misssed with 100% energy                There is no limit to the amount of tears one can shed                 Gratitude for the time we had – and so wish it could be moreYou are so missed gentle soul.  Warriors do not have to fight.  They need to be.When we ‘be’, we will inspire.When we fight, we have reactive forces that displace truth.Thank you for the ‘being’ that is still you…Have loved you forever.  Will love you forever!