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Penguin adoption - Promises - South America Update

Dear PenguinPromises

The chicks have now left the colony and have set off on their winter
migration to sunny Brazil, leaving Promises at home in the colony. The
adults are not able to follow the chicks yet because they still have things
to do before following the chicks to Brazil. I attach a photo showing
chicks, juveniles and adults all gathering together on the beach, prior to
leaving the colony, each to their different destinations.

The chicks have never been to sea before, so they need time to build up the
strength in their flipper muscles. Flipper exercises on land are no
substitute for time spent out at sea, because flipper flapping requires a
lot more strength under water than on land. Until the chicks have spent many
weeks out at sea building up their strength and stamina, they lack the speed
necessary to catch fish. So after leaving the colony the youngsters hang
around the kelp beds feeding on shrimps and other slow moving creatures in
order to survive.

Kelp is the typical b…

Andy Seliverstoff - Great work on - What makes people kinder?

Andy Seliverstoff is a 58-year-old professional photographer from St. Petersburg, Russia.Andy Seliverstoff / Via facebook.comA few years ago some of Seliverstoff's friends asked him to take photos of their daughter Alice in a park. They had their gigantic Great Dane, Sean, with them, so they decided to incorporate him into the photos. After seeing the results, he knew he was on to something special.Andy Seliverstoff / Via revodanapublishing.comSeliverstoff did another shoot with a child featuring big dogs, and told BuzzFeed News that he was "deeply touched" by the work. That was four years ago and he's been a dog photographer ever since.Andy Seliverstoff / Via revodanapublishing.comThe project has become his passion, which he chronicles in a book called "Little Kids and Their Big Dogs."Andy Seliverstoff / Viarevodanapublishing.comAll of the photos are taken in St. Petersburg. Its extensive parks and colder climate help create some spectacular shots.Andy Sel…