Top 10 things I choose not to live without

So grateful... 

For a while it was taken for granted.  Now there is joy in the little things.  The amazing amazing little things.  Cannot sum it all up here.  But here is a start anyway.

10.  Beach living - swimming with animals, wherever that may be.

9.  Friends who are as passionate about animal care as I am.

8.  Open-hearted animals - the reason for waking up in the morning.

7.  Early morning sojourns with the menagerie (with the joyful repeat at dusk)

6.  Physical labour required in the care of animals

5.  Fur on my couches

4.  The smell of fish on me after a satisfying day at work

3.  Barefoot living - provides the contentment of being connected to the planet

2.  That look in their eyes.

1.  Putting my face into the fur of the horses, dogs and cats, inhaling and knowing that this is where I wish to be.


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