Giving back to animals. A gift a day

Change happens.  It is inevitable.  It is what we resist and strive for.  Do we prepare the animals in our lives for change or do we wrap them in cotton wool and then see them stress when even the smallest thing changes.

Yes.  animals also have comfort zones. 
A suggestion for the animals in your life - provide them with a small gift everyday.
For your dog, it could be a plant he has never sniffed.  For your horse a rub on the shoulder.  For your cat, perhaps a bit of sand paper wrapped on a stick.  and tomorrow we start again with something new.  Something to look at, touch, sniff, feel, taste...  A new place to visit...

If you work with exotic animals it is called enrichment.  An essential part of working with animals!  Domestic animals deserve it too.

Basically when providing novel stimuli in the form of small gifts, we are preparing our loved ones for changes they may experience.  Then experiencing new things becomes the norm.  Perhaps even something they look forward to.


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