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And this one was a paperwork lesson(-:

Not theory thankfully.


My blessed art classes with mad art teacher who keeps us grounded, guided and well-nourished with good red wine.  On the latest canvass I chose to paint a picture of my son when he was a little younger with another of our family members, beautiful horse Gandalph. 

So, all proceeded well to start with.  Until I realised that I was having a fine time painting Gandalph, but not such a fine time painting Zac.  Then I realised why.  Gandalph does not judge me.  And I am worried about Zac's opinion of me.

Freedom in the revelation.  Chatted to Zac about it.  Had a laugh, and then moved on to paint this angel as well as I could.  No more required.


Someone told me that judgement – of ourselves, or others, is a justification for a stuck mind.  Who wants a stuck mind.  Freedom in expression is only possible when we forgive ourselves our inadequacies.  In relation with animals it is easier.


So here it is again.  Gratitude for the animals in my life. 

Without this example of miracle Gandalph and my relative perspective of my son, I would  never have noticed the differences.  And as a result, I would have been far less inclined to be able to afford my son more space to simply be himself.  And myself, more space to be.





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