A Lesson in Surrender


I always found the concept of surrender a cop out.  Something one would do if one was too weak to take on a situation.


So, when I found myself in a situation where I am unable to follow my passion in the most effective manner, I experienced great discomfort. 

Speaking up was immediately taken as judgement.  Even though it was never intended as that.  The presumed judgement resulted in defence.  And the drama began, and unfolded. 

 Chasms and vindication ruled.  Frustration and finger pointing.

What has this to do with animals?


For those of us that work with animals, they are like kids.  They sense how we feel.  Our moods affect them.  So, when this type of angst environment is created, the disturbance affects the creatures that we love.

The lesson – stop the angst.  It is not worth upsetting the animals.  Nothing is.  So, surrender. 

Not sure where this will go.  But I am here right now. 


And then the best part of the lesson.  Summer evenings at the stables.  I have put the three boys away for the night.  Snuggled into their necks and inhaled their horsey smell.  Business of preparing their evening done.  Time on my hands.  And I sit.  Big breath and here I am.  Listening to them finishing their dinner.  Watching the pond in the evening sunset.  Herons and hadedahs flying overhead.  My dogs beside me. And Przzy the cat is rubbing up and down on my leg.   Light cool breeze offering respite from the hot hot day.  Nothing to think about.  Nothing needs doing right now.  Just being.  This is when I remember the word surrender.  Being being being.  Enjoying the being.  In the company of Gods.  It is here all the time.  Being is surrender. 




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