2017 - For good!

Isn’t it interesting when people say “She has left for good”, or “he has given up eating meat for good”.

Reminds me of a guru discussion where I was told that when I am having difficulty making a decision I should think of what is good for as many as possible.  Make the decision based on the ‘good of all’, including future generations.



Imagine if we could always be this detached when making decisions.

Here is  a goal – evaluate any interaction you have with an animal with the above concept in mind.  As yourself these questions – is that for the maximum good?  Good for the animal?  And for future good welfare of that animal?  For the good of their understanding based on the species or personality they are.


For example – When I yell at the puppy for being exuberant, am I doing what is good for the puppy, and the world – or just expressing my irritation?

When I provide feedback to a fellow animal trainer on a possible mistake they have made – am I being “right”, or helpful?

When the horse jolts a little in fright and I react, am I over reacting because of fear, or is my reaction helpful to increase his confidence?


When I consider life this way I come face to face with my insecurities.  The lessons the animals teach in this light are supernova teachings.  The consciousness is true scary awakeness.  But there is a plus side when I view the fallout of who I think I am.  I can begin to see when I do things right.  When I do things for the good of all.  And then there is joy.


So, this year is following a year where I started implementing the lesson above.  It brought about a fair amount of slap-me-in-the-face teachings.  2017 is the year I intend to reap the benefits as a result of the lessons.  I intend to experience more of this…

I know I am going to enjoy finding more newsworthy stories like this one


The space for peace has been cleared.  So the result will be – the year of peace and joy


I would love to hear any good news stories that you have. 


Happy New Year.

For the good of all.



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