Out with the old. Thank you 2016, and goodnight!!!

2016 my dear year!

Cannot say I will miss you.  However, the lessons I learned in your passage will remain etched in my soul where they were sometimes harshly engraved.  I would love to personify you and blame you.  And yet, you have even taken the blame out of me.  So I feel left swaying in your aftermath. 

So many people have left the planet.  Some by choice.  Animals have passed on and new animals have joined the family.  Family changes have been enormous with all sorts of 'shake up's' along the way.  Work has remained a questioning challenge.  Interactions in general have been awakening - not always comfortable. 

So - good bye.  And just for the hell of it - good riddance...

Deep breath

But that is not true.  In real truth - thank you. 

There have been some good moments.  Some great glasses of wine, swims in the sea, long runs and walks, time with so many beautiful creatures, painting classes, long chats with strangers, and friends, moments, moments, moments.  When the being became more important.  When feeling the air or water on my skin was apparent. 

A great guru said to me that human beings are the newest species on the planet, and that nature and the animals are here to care for us.  With this thought in mind, when an animal leaves this plane, they do so in peace, and our attachment is something we have to look at.  The attachment is nothing to do with the soul who has graduated.  The greatest lesson it seems is always going to revolve around projection.  Being able to see our perspective so that we can honour those around us without tarnishing them with our story. 

So - my ode for the parting of 2016 - to people and animals and the very air I breathe.

To all I have tarnished - I humbly apologise
To all I have honoured - I gratefully rejoice
To all I have harmed - I hurt along with you
To all I have cherished - you are part of my heart
To all who have left - you have taken a piece of me
To all I have mourned - I relinquish my hold
Forgiveness is here
Right here
Love is all there is
Thank you!
Happy everyday.

May 2017 be the year of being.  Truly being, even in the doing. 


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