Being truly harmless – that was the contemplation.  It may be that to be truly harmless we are being truly fearless. 


I feel myself around others.  When they are trying to protect themselves in relation with others still, so hold back in relationship with me.  Goodness.   I know how that feels.  To constantly be sitting on the fence trying to make everyone happy.  I also know how it feels to be honest to a fault. 


What do we prefer – brutal honesty?  Or humane lies?


Let’s go back to standing in front of an animal.  Humane lies – well that is just not going to work.  They can see straight through us.  Just the way we can see straight through each other.  They can see that we are not meaning what we are pretending.  So that will not work.



What is brutal honesty.  Is it honesty?  Or is the energy that delivers that honesty what is being communicated.  Being brutal may be the issue.   Either there is guilt behind the delivery.   Feeling bad that you may be letting someone know something they may not like, or the kind of brutal that is using the information to injure.  Perhaps being brutal and calling it honest is a lie.



So, in relationship with animals – do we displace our frustrations?  Forcing issues that we have in relation with others?  Or work to control something… anything… because the rest of life is so out of control?  Even at a sub-conscious level – is this going on?  It is possible that the energy that we are using in relationship with them – is the energy of insisting they do our bidding – rather than asking them.  If we feel that ‘brutal honesty’ energy, it may be time to step away and re-evaluate the situation – so we can return calm and clear and productive.


So.  Harmlessness.  Is real true honesty.  No holding back.  Doing what we do for the good of the whole.  It is presenting the facts of what need to be considered without justification, excuse or expectation.

It is intrinsic communication.  Fear is the need to justify, excuse or create/live up to expectations. 


Put it all down. Be brave.  It takes courage to free yourself from the expectations of others, or the entrenched belief systems.  What liberty to do it!!!  Just do it.  That is harmless humility.  That is joy! 



The lesson is pondered while I sit under my horse’s belly and doctor his sore leg.  Thank God for Mashatu.  Thank God for horses.  Thank God for animals.




  1. Such a beautiful post. You have a lovely blog.

  2. Thank you Linda. Appreciate your appreciation(-:


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