Empty Boat

I notice when I am reactive - as you all do - that my favourite beings are not as comely as they would normally be.  If I am training - it does not go as planned.  And I know - after those interactions with the bestest friends in the world - that I may have left some unnecessary residue.

 Not cool.
Broken communication that has resulted in a little less trust and a slightly poorer relationship.  Chances are - I have not seen things from the animal's point of view because I have been too busy in my own story.  Or, as the case may be - in my own boat.  Why a boat?

I read a stunning little parable.  Goes something like this.  If I am sailing around in a boat and I bump into someone else in their boat - I am likely to feel something and possibly even react.  Guilt, anger, shame, whatever the subconscious is calling for.  If, however, the boat was empty, I would probably do what needed doing, without energy.  The parable calls us - TO BE THE EMPTY BOAT.

The goal - let others pass through our lives and pick up no debris as they move passed us.  So we may still stop them, or ask them to assist, or even provide feedback - but without it getting sticky.

This is real loving communication.  And we all know it.  It is the kind of flow that happens between ourselves and the animals that we care for - in those best moments. 

Be that empty vessel.  Perhaps it does not make as much noise as the old wives said it did(-:


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