Travelling wannabee

When I travel I feel free to look at the world differently. I pack clothes I don't usually wear. And wear earings from the bottom of my jewelry box and even apply make up now and then.  I choose to skip the evening ritual cigarette and will communicate information to friends and family that I usually would not share. 

I also find the odd moments where I experience stress. I will leave much earlier to catch a bus and a train than is necessary. Much much earlier. And when I am meeting with people my introvert heart hammer thuds in my ears. I consciously calm myself down. Search for what is familiar and easy. Break down what needs doing into steps. Work to avoid crazy anticipation angst.

What does this have to do with animals? Seasoned theorists may have noted some training lingo already.

This is my lesson. The animals in my life require adventure. Not once in a while. But everyday.  Just small incremental fun times where they get to experience something novel. Why?

Because the more familiar my experience, the more I am able to cope with change. I can happily catch a train in the Czech Republic on my own now. On my first visit every station name sounded like a completely impossible concept. I am relaxed on the journey and able to appreciate other aspects of this incredible place.

So. If the animals are experiencing something new from a place of comfort we are effectively increasing their comfort zone. That novel experience may become a part of its familiar. Which means they are more able to cope with whatever comes there way.

Sure we want them to feel secure. The suggestion is that for their true welfare a bit of a daily suprise is in order.

What will you do for your dog today? And tomorrow? And ...

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