Share - for the sake of love

Consciousness is a lovely concept. After all a wise man reminded me this week that 'awareness is greater than...'

If we live and learn and work together we will stride ahead. Progress towards light living where people and animals commune closely. In love. Understanding. On a planet where defense is not necessary.

Danger enters when we try and own the wisdom. When we define ourselves according to how much responsibility we have. When,in relationship with animals, our identity is the relationship. Then we get stuck. We cannot see the animal and the animals needs. We are too on busy holding on so tight. Constricting the flow. Stopping the experience.  Hammering in on the moment and insisting it is ours. Claiming the fame. Feeling is charged in this state. Because control is an illusion. And identity an elusive idea. And we can never control what others think of us.  Desperate clinging. Fear-based sadness. A waste of energy.

And the alternative. Seeing the open-hearted potential. Noticing that the situation can be seen from so many perspectives. Remarking at the curiosity of the horse as he looks up at the new flower on the vine. Watching how the dolphin lends his ear to that brand new twinkling sound. Giggling at the puppy who rolls down the hill in her exuberant excitement at seeing the world. How when she gets anxious she pulls her ears back and darts inside.
Even more remarkable is when we share the stories. When we point them out to each other. Gifting the humans around us with that added perspective. And then taking that next step together. When we find new ways to enrich their lives. With maximum insight. And share that joy. And then we are able to work together in all our observations. For the best possible livelihood of the animals in our care.

So when my son delights at one of the ducks quirks or notices a limp in a chicken we can do what needs doing. When I chat to the groom about the horses personalities he can smile with me and understand.  Together we enrich to the maximum the potential for perfect welfare. The alternative. Taking full control. Because 'I think I know better.'
Arrogant mistake. That has the potential to cost lives.

There is no joy in a competitive adversarial world. Just insecure defense that is just unnecessary. A trial. A sentence in solitary.

Share the love. The more stimulus we can safely offer animals. Obviously in a successively approximated manner, the better adjusted they are. Science has proven that the more behavioural plasticity an animal has, the more fulfilled and adaptable it is.

Welfare must guide us. Time to put ego aside and do right. For the sake of love.

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