Prayer for pleasantries and action

I believe I work as a conservationist.  I work with captive animals.



How does that work?


Because I feel so strongly that human beings – for the most part – and probably unwittingly - do not take responsibility for their actions.  I have been in a position where I have employed people in this industry.  I never took anyone who believed that animals should be in captivity.  I have always taken people who have a conscience.  People who are passionate about individual animal care with a vision to shifting our public’s perception – not to shut down our facilities, but to inspire folk to do what needs doing to take care of our planet.  So that the wild can still exist.


And now we seem to be running out of time.


And sadly, it seems that the arguments are becoming about who is right and who is wrong, rather than – focussing on what needs doing.


On behalf of all the people who work with the incredible animals in our facilities.  Animals who are ambassadors for their species – I implore – beg – plead …


Let’s stop pointing fingers

Let’s get an aerial view of what is going on

And make wise decisions

Decisions that will positively affect our personal lives – and the lives of future generations – of all species.


Let’s look at what we can individually do

And do it

Simple actions like growing our own veggies and not using plastic

Picking up litter and lovingly encouraging others to care


Then let’s campaign with wisdom

Put our energies and efforts into what can be achieved that will have maximum benefit for the whole.


We are not individuals on this planet

We are a mass – let’s not outgrow our host – our world – our planet

To the detriment of everything.


It is not too late.


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