Fly free angel princess

Sasha. A dream come true. A puppy till a dignified elderly lady.  She is off to meet friends of ours. Cleopatra the pig is waiting for her. And there will be others to join her flock. Which she will lead. Because that is who she is. They may even have been waiting for her. Any space has improved energy when she is there. It has always been so.

 We let her go this morning.  Away from her pain. Went for a short walk with her earlier. Off the lead in the bush. I am so grateful for the empathetic bond we share. Where I could just motion and she would look up to see where the path would lead us. It has been the joy that has created so many memories.  Hours and hours of walks and runs. In the bush. On the road. On the beach. 

Meditating with her keeping my feet warm. Sliding in next to me at night. Waiting at the gate for my return with that welcome only she can give. Long road trips. Just the two of us. Teaching her to swim in the sea. Sandy car rides home after. She dog-reared a couple of kittens.  They always loved her. She even helped me hand-rear a few birds.

I trust her with my life. Look forward to our reunion. So much love. The outline above cannot begin to describe our friendship. I have been blessed.

Bless you Sasha.
Thank you princess.
The gap you have left will be honoured with all the love possible.
I miss you. Always will.


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