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Captain Jack Sparrow

He took up a relatively small place on the planet but filled up that space with 100 percent energy and enthusiasm. We will miss his loyal ever present shadow. Always around us looking for the snuggle.  So much love. So much unconditional love!  He joined us as a rescue but truly he rescued us. So many times.when we were wrapped in sadness or disturbed for any reason, he was there. When we were happy and celebrating, he was there. When life was plodding on,he was there. Always there. Consistently present and consistently attentive.  That ball of energy presence will so be missed. Perhaps his energy will stay a while. We will be blessed to be reunited with his energy when we reach the other side. Where no doubt he is Barking up a storm, chasing birds, snuggling in any available lap, running wild on the beaches, conning all out of a titbit with those soulful eyes, taking up the duvet, and creating wide smiles with that gracious gentle look of his. He mastered those skills. With a mountain …

On his retirement. A tribute to a legend

Veterinarian & human extraordinaire.50 years of true service to the animal world, the animal people, and to his animal-loving family.  Four siblings all who care significantly for animals as a result of the way we were raised.  To respect life.  Because that is who our father his.  Our father is more than a vet.  He is a compassionate man.  A vet who took his oath to care for animals to the greatest level, inspiring those close and around him to do the same.  Caring so deeply.  Working so hard.  Ensuring that he always did his best.  He has such depth and wisdom.  He has always had a following of people in his life who he wisely guides.  His generosity is boundless.  He has inspired his children way more than can be imagined.  We are pretty sure there are not many people who are so fortunate to have this example of humble love to follow.  We are equally unsure whether we can truly honour his example by duplicating his consistently magnanimous actions.  We have incredible memories …

South American update

Dear PenguinPromises

The penguins are now back home in the nest after a lovely long rest out at
After two months of feeding the chicks around the clock, the adults were
exhausted and under-weight. So for the last few weeks Promises and the other
adults have been out at sea eating as much food as they can catch to recover
the weight they lost.

Now that they are fully rested and fattened up, the penguins have returned
back home to the nest where Promises will remain for the next month or so.
Really Promises would prefer to be heading off to Brazil for the winter
migration, but first the penguins have to change their feathers, and they
have to remain out of the water for three to four weeks in order to do that.

All penguins change their feathers once a year. The feathers are very
They keep the cold seawater away from their skin so that the penguins do not
freeze to death in the cold seawater. But to work properly the feathers have
to be in good condition, and during the…