Wet nose kisses

To all you animal lovers. Lots of love and respect to you. It is not easy to be one of us. Because we care about the oddest and most amazing things.  And we need to be aware of so much that non-animal folk would balk at. 
Poo - the colour, texture and amount. Also making sure it does not lie about or get eaten by another animal. 
I say this with horse manure engrained into my finger nails. Mucking out stables and yards is not for sissies.  
Vegetarian quandries. Preparing and feeding meat and fish to the critters and remembering that the smell of it will taint my own veggie food. 
Smelly blues. This has served to get me priority treatment in lines in shopping markets. The smell of fish or meat or horse poop or fly spray gets in your pores. You may not think you even smell till your most honest family member advises you with a nose in the air. Vanilla essence. Lemon juice. Cold water washes. Bicarb. Some of the remedies I have tried to solve the concern. 
For the marine animal lovers I have a favourite. Those magical sequins that glitter from your cheek or forearm. And you only find them on your fancy date or at a that formal do. Fish scales. Stuck to you. 
OCD hand washing. Stroke the dog. Wash your hands. Mucking out. Wash your hands. About to train a dolphin. Wash your hands. Trained the dolphin. Wash your hands. Clean the bird dishes. Wash your hands. You get the picture. 
24/7. That's right. There is no rest for us wicked critter-lovers. If we work with animals we could get called in anytime. And when we have them at home too it is hard to divide our affections. And we are with them as they age. They usually live shorter lives than we do. Loving something so much and watching it pass. Not for the faint-hearted.

Animal people. You make the world a better place. You have a sense of humour that keeps you loving them even tough your non-animal people may scorn you. Your commitment and dedication rocks. You open hearts are what make my world go round.

If like me you have kissed more animals than people-thank you for sharing this planet. Happy happy Valentine's.  Hope it is blessed with the best animal memories. 

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