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all in a wonderful days work

A divinely simple day.  A bunch of marine mammal trainers joined me on our small holding to experience some domestic animal training.  Pigs chickens and horses. Thereafter we watched a puppy training class together at Superdogs.  
Wonderful lessons about the simplicity of our operant conditioning techniques. Great reminders about the importance of trust and clarity. Awesome demonstration of how natural history affects our way of applying the techniques.  And finally we loved how we always have to keep out egos in view.   Thank you wonderful animal trainers for the most exciting discussions And insights.  Cannot imagine my life without this

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Top 5 reasons I prefer the company of animals

5. On road trips the dogs don't argue about the music I play and they don't mind my singing.  4. They are not fussy about whether I wear make up or labelled clothing.  They even happy to see me when I am wearing the oldest most comfy clothes.  3. No awkward silences. In fact no small talk at all. 2. All the animals in my life.  Dogs cats chickens dolphins horses etc etc - they always show up with enthusiasm.  They don't apologise for how they are feeling.  And don't ask med for apologies.   1. The number one reason is the total truth of the moments spent with them.  Real untarnished connections! 

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Animal training workshop

If you keen to learn more about animal behaviour, or fine-tune your animal training skills, this is the workshop for you.  Please feel free to contact me for further details Gabby

gratitude to like-minded individuals

I have a great friend, Christiane who works with amazing animals in Nuremborg.  I have met her a couple of times at various behaviour conferences and events.  She is currently translating my book into German.  Here are a couple of partners assisting in the work.Thank you Christiane.  You are awesome!!

Wet nose kisses

To all you animal lovers. Lots of love and respect to you. It is not easy to be one of us. Because we care about the oddest and most amazing things.  And we need to be aware of so much that non-animal folk would balk at.  Poo - the colour, texture and amount. Also making sure it does not lie about or get eaten by another animal.  I say this with horse manure engrained into my finger nails. Mucking out stables and yards is not for sissies.   Vegetarian quandries. Preparing and feeding meat and fish to the critters and remembering that the smell of it will taint my own veggie food.  Smelly blues. This has served to get me priority treatment in lines in shopping markets. The smell of fish or meat or horse poop or fly spray gets in your pores. You may not think you even smell till your most honest family member advises you with a nose in the air. Vanilla essence. Lemon juice. Cold water washes. Bicarb. Some of the remedies I have tried to solve the concern.  For the marine animal lovers I have…

My 5 Top reasons why I love animal training

5. Best company is animal company. 

I get to  talk to animals. My dream after I saw Dr Doolittle as a kid.  Truly training is listening and hearing.  The more we do it, the more we fine tune our ability to hear them.

I learn about my ego and that it does not work to use it to train for the long-term.  Relationships are built when we hear our stories and then discard them.  Then just be in the moment.  The moments is where the good stuff happens.

The more I learn about animal behaviour the more I realise I don't know.  I find the lessons sooooo exciting.

Top reason.  The total honesty of the interaction with an animal.  They are pure beings.  No hidden agendas.
Thank God for animals!