The theme is chickens.  Five moved in after noticing the sign above or home that clearly said 'vegetarians live here'. No apology.  The roost in the pergola and the hens even left an egg or two but I was convinced they were still too young to bed as they had just fledged. 

So it was a big surprise when on of the hens paraded around one morning with her little flock of chicks.  

What an honour to watch the clever animals nurture their young.  She fiercely fends of dogs and cats and horses and me if I get too close.  She has worked out how to coerce me to feed and water her brood. 

Love watching her teach her fast little learners.  The art of sand bathing. When to hide under her skirt of feathers.  To come when called.  How to sun tan.  Where to get water.  What to avoid.  Where to rest.  How to turn the compost.  Busy busy.  

To think of all those farmed birds who never see the light of day.  Who are captive till they are eaten.  

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