A dolphin is my guru

So I am in a grumpy mood and creating conspiracy theories in my head.  Feel like my back is a target for knives and my nerves jangle.  Then I have the good fortune of sitting in front of my guru.  Her name is Frodo.  She is a bottle nose dolphin and an excellent measure of where I am at.  I know as I climb into the water with her that I need to have my thoughts in order.  She has taught me that.  Because if I don’t, she will push me into place.  Or not be as malleable as I wish her to be.  I feel her pushing down on my hand, and immediately I have to make sure I am back being present.  Get out of my head.  Stop worrying about the future or the past or who is slinging mud(or not).  Being where she wants me to be.  With her.  Right in the moment.  I adjust my thinking, drop the target on my back and let the conspiracy theories dissolve.  And her work is done. 

The joke – I call myself an animal trainer.  Like I am doing the job.   Bwhahahah.  We have to laugh at our ‘almighty’ selves.  We are not in control.  This is a partnership.  A beauty.  We don’t train them.  We partner with them to come up with a result.  When we can pay attention to the little details, then we are truly fortunate to be able to hear the animals speaking to us.

The joy of it all is that every time we are in a training session we have this opportunity.  We are able to feel this truth.  Practise being present.

I think if I was not an animal trainer I may be in a looney bin.  They are the best therapists around.


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