a beautiful spirit

Beautiful Spirit

Today I would like to celebrate a beautiful spirit.  As animal people we have all got creatures in our lives who we adore.  The expression of my adoration is for Sasha.

Sasha joined my family when we rescued her as a puppy.  Found her in a cardboard box on the side of the road.  Someone was trying to sell her.  I instantly fell in love with her, but also needed to get her away from a poor welfare situation.  We went straight to the vet.  Sasha was diagnosed with joint ill.  A disease that is contracted through the umbilical cord.  It is usually contracted when animals are kept in inappropriate and dirty environments.  So began a long road to recovery that included all sorts of medications and interventions.  At one point she had to be injected with fluids every few hours.  I remember at one particular weak moment praying that one day she would grow into a big dog that I could hug.  And that she did.

I feel so grateful for some of the most incredible moments I have spent with this lady.  Long 20km walks around our neighbourhood, through the bush, along the railway lines.  Teaching her to swim in the sea.  Going for runs on the beachfront.  Road trips – just the two of us.  Soft wet nose kisses in the morning.  Cuddling on the couch. 
Another remarkable thing about Sasha is that as a puppy she was involved in killing birds on our new property.  However she seems to have learned that that behaviour does not make me happy.  She also never liked cats in the past, but now she is the biggest protector.  In fact two kittens that were brought to our home have been mothered by Sasha.  She protected them from the other animals.  Sasha’s best friend growing up was our pig Cleopatra.  They still have an understanding.  Cleo does not like any of the other dogs, but seems to enjoy Sasha grooming her.  Sasha is a nurturer.  Her latest flock is a group of four chickens who have been turfed aside by mother hen.  Sasha follows them around the garden and looks after them. 
Just had to celebrate how much I adore this lady.  She knows what I am thinking.  She knows what annoys me and how to get me to do her bidding.  She is an old lady now, but still has puppy dog eyes.  Lying on her back to get her tummy scratched when she wakes up in the morning.  Stretching and content. 
I am so so grateful for her beautiful  spirit.  Thank God for animals. 
Love you Sashie!


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