Captain Jack Sparrow

He is gray all over his snout.  Even his feet have gray.  A rescued Daschund who has lived in our family for over 10 years.  He arrived after he was brought out to play with my then puppy at the vet.  The nurse then told us during that vet visit that he would be euthanased that day because nobody wanted him.  She saw me coming that's for sure.  I said I was worried about taking him as he was not neutered.  She did a collection between their vet staff and got the op done.  So Jack came home and firmly entrenched himself into our hearts. He has the loudest bark.  He is old and deaf, but can hear a slightest fidget in the kitchen and it gets him charging in that direction.  His little toenails doing a dance on the floors that are faster than any Irish Flaherty.  So much personality in such a little bod. 


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