a Being in love

When I am with you I feel present and whole.  Time stands still and there is no desire or lack.  Just pure complete Bliss. A place where everything makes sense.  Where two become one.  Which is why without you I feel broken. 

How fortunate to be a part of your life. Most of the happiest times of my life so far have been with you.   You were too good for this world.  Too pure. So generous.  So alive. 

Your gifts are eternal.  Your inspiration and lessons taught total truth.  Thank you.

How will I honour you?  I will find a way.  Everyday.  By aspiring to the truth that you are. 


Jula. If there is heaven it will be you swimming up to me and letting me hug you again.  Being one again.  True love.  That would be coming home.  






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