The lessons are always present.  2014 taught me about looking closely at the effect I have on others.  With animals we see it superficially, and intuitively.  Sometimes in life when we understand the physiological mechanisms that are occurring, it helps us look at things from a different perspective.  I have become aware of how classical conditioned stressors are a whole lot more powerful if an animal or person is subject to them when they are not at choice.  We may think - being the scholarly animal people that we are that in our interactions we are providing choice - but this may not be the case if we are stuck in our heads.  The moment we say "they know what I want", we are probably stepping into 'my way or the highway' mentality.

So, feel it.  And in that moment if you feel you are asking too much - then the choice is gone.  Back off - and doing that your relationship with the animal will be strengthened because you will be pairing his control with you.  And truly allowing him to choose. 


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