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ushaka sea world saves a python

we are the fear we see

Lovely story about a horse and a woman who had to get to know each other – overcoming their fear of each other is what did the trick.  Love this.  Take a look at the link.  Picture taken by Gareth Malyon.

praise song to the Rhinoceros (Credo Mutwa)

Praise song to the Rhinoceros,by Credo Mutwa (excerpt)Ubbejane, you are the thunder of the valleysYou are the roar among the mountainsYou are the noise upon the plainsAnd you are the horn that the moon loves to kiss!You are the RhinocerosYou are the invincible oneYou are the weak eye that sees into years that are yet to comeYou are the sharp ear that hears a lover’s whisper in the tall grassYou are the great foot that tramples everything into the groundYou are the delight of the woodcarversYou are the joy of the paintersYou are the song of those who cast in metalYou are Ubbujane, the Rhinoceros!Together with the Elephant, Indlovu, many generations ago, you danced the world into existence, so that green things may grow upon this world……You are Ubbejane, the RhinocerosYou are the darling of the waxing moonYou are the thunder of the mountainsYou are the vibrations on the rocky groundYou are the hardworking one, the labourer who laboured so that the Earth Mother might plant green things u…

a beautiful insight about Rhino

I encourage you to read this – some lovely insight from dear Wynter.