technology diminishes relationship and intuition

Vets nowadays are hesitant to make a diagnosis without technological proof.  They have been questioned too much, and rely on technology to assist them so much that they no longer use their intuition.  In days gone by doctors and vets had to really look at an animal or person.  Discuss what was going on in their lives.  Their diets, relationships, living areas.  Then they would feel around.  If a broken limb, they would sense how to set it using their hands and sense of touch. 
So technology does help.  But is it robbing us of our ability to sense what is truly going on.  Do we spend more time in front of screen than in front of people.  If the answer is yes, perhaps we need to look at that.  When last did you sit and lose yourself while stroking the animal in your life, without thinking about what you should be doing - without answering your phone - without 'getting bored'. 
I think that 'boredom' is sometimes a sense of needing to prove ourselves.  Rather than just being fulfilled in being still.  And satisfied - in relationship.


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