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The owl and the pussy cat. Lovely story!

Submitted by Chris Pretorius. Updated 2012-10-07 Created 2011-09-02
I am from South Africa and about 4 years ago made friends with a spotted eagle owl that showed up on our farm (most probably it was rehabilitated by someone). The owl got injured and I kept it inside for a couple of months until it was well again. During this time our one old cat found out that no other cats are allowed in my study where I kept the owl and she moved in. I allowed this because she has never in her life caught a bird or mouse and was not interested in the owl at all.
During this period the owl got used to her and they regularly ate steak out of my hand together. Once the owl was OK again I let it out, but it now comes and sleeps inside during the day, hunting freely at night. At the moment I have another injured owl that he adopted and feeds regularly (about 2 rats an evening).
The other night I was working late in my study when the owl came in with a rat. I presumed that he were going to fe…

Czech animal training courses

6 seminars. In 7 days. I must be a nerd because I could literally talk animal training and nothing else. Which is what I did. Feel do fortunate to spend time with Czech people. Caring for animals is a way of life. Dogs go where people go for instance. Off to work with their people. Gandi said you can tell what people ate like by the way they treat their animals. 

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