Ahhh. There is the love

Charlie and Hermione. Hermione is older. A female.  Came to us as a pregnant wild very young stray. We kept one of her kittens and named him Max. He was such a joy. Loving gentle and he and Hermione were inseperable. She is a nrtvpus cat with strangers. When Max died tragically he left a void in our lives, but Hermione was very lost without her boy. A year later a stray kitten arrived. Charlie.  Sometimes I think he is Max reincarnated.  I have mistakenly called him Max once or twice. And Hermione is whole again. 
As humans we so often move animals around without giving a thought to how it affects them. Horses in particular are moved to suit humans very often. Here is a prayer to consider their souls when you make these decisions. Like Max, they may be more attached than you think. 

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