Friday, 31 January 2014

Always been a journey

40 years ago. And still real. Loving animals first. I am in the conservation business now. And when I have to answer why I have to think hard. Because there is no real answer. Until I think of love. And consider that love is what is left when I put preconceptions, dreams, judgement and rationality down. Love may be about being conscious in every moment. About living consciously. Without justifying actions. Just doing what I can in every moment so that my conscience is clear. Frig its hard sometimes. But when I am clear it is glorious. Its got nothing to do with what anybody else thinks. It is just being. Truly and without hope, disappointment, yesterday or tomorrow. Nothing to do with anything but humble gratitude for NOW. Thank you!
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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Selso on his way

I am so fortunate that I was involved with a seal called Selso who was rescued and released after a 7 month rehabilitation at uShaka Sea World.  We taught him to eat from us and her learned fast.  When he arrived he was about 100kilograms underweight and only weighed 75kilograms.  When he left he weighed nearly 200kilograms, and stolen all our hearts and been fitted with a satellite tag so we could monitor his progress on his way back to the sub-antarctic islands where these animals are found.  We took him on a cruise ship to Port Elizabeth, and then released him off the continental shelf.  He is already more than halfway to his destination and scientists believe he is presently fishing in a place in the ocean where food is plentiful.  So amazing to watch his progress.  I take my hat off to the management of Sea World for funding this exercise and doing it for the individual and the species and of course our oceans at large.


Sunday, 5 January 2014

Beauty in the trash

So grateful I live in Africa where a site like this is common. Makes me sad though that a huge problem with the vervet monkeys is TB that they contract from eating human rubbish
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Saturday, 4 January 2014

amazing moments

Walking through the aquarium this morning watching the animals go about
their business. Managed to snap a picture of the enormous brindle bass
getting his cleaning done by the little wrasse. The picture does not
capture the beauty of the moment but had to share it anyway