I love my job. I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to know the animals I do. And I work with captive animals because I believe they should be in the wild. I just wish there was a wild left where they could go about their lives in peace. Unaffected by human pollution - in so many shapes and sizes - habitat degradation, fossil fuel abuse, litter etc etc. I am surprised everyday that it appears we as a species cannot appreciate the amazing grace in front of our hours. Preferring to spend time justifying why we need a new cell phone, or why we need to drive to the store or why its okay to have that extra bottled water or fish fed beef burger. No judgement. I find myself a part of the irony. Having this masochistic (because our species will fall as a result) tendency is weird. And being conscious of the dilemma hurts.

Promise to blog some
hope with all this

So here it is

Do your bit
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