Pests! Amazing

When I see "pest control" my blood boils. I do not know how we can refer to another living thing as a pest. We think we are intelligent. Then we go out and use our version of intelligence to determine if other species are intelligent which will then make them worthy of our respect. We all love dolphins because they are so "human".

Yet e neglect to use this measure when we look at pests. And we should. It will make us care - by default. Because pests are generally animals who have survived in spite of the fact that humans have wrecked the natural environment. Pests have adapted and made a home in our developed spaces. Pretty smart by human standards.
Today I saw some red-winged starlings (many consider them pests) in a parking lot. A couple of them were picking the dead bugs off the front of the various parked cars. How is that for adaptation in the city?
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