International African Penguin Day this Saturday

I am really excited about the attention these little guys are getting.  Government, scientists, welfare organisations and the zoo and aquarium industry are all pulling together to assist this endangered species.  Being an animal person, it will never be enough till we are sure they are on the road to recovery.  I have to extend gratitude to all the passionate people out there who truly do care.  And this Saturday is an opportunity to continue raising awareness for the African Penguin, and for the Penguin Promises campaign.  Because, yes, the major role players are doing stuff, but what can all of us as individuals do - because essentially, it starts with us. 
1.  celebrate Saturday
2.  celebrate penguins everyday
3.  celebrate how much you care for nature - everyday
4.  make a promise to the penguins - something you can do to help nature (like not using single use plastic bags)
5.  send your promise to
6.  celebrate penguins everyday
7.  share this message with everyone
8.  find out what is happening near where you live and take part in Saturday's celebrations.
9.  If nothing is happening in your centre, gather your friends and family and create a fun event - perhaps a 'black and white costume picnic'
10.  Share what you are doing to help the penguin so your actions can be promoted

For the love of penguins - and they are really easy to love


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