what a gift!!!

I do go on and on about this topic - and if you read my blog you will forgive me and read it again - THANK GOD FOR ANIMALS.  The question - how does anybody get through the day without them?  If I was only in contact with people day in an day out I would have seriously considered, or even done it - jumping of a builiding.  Not only is it a relief to have animal contact, it is also the necessary lesson.  Just being called to be present.  To simply be in the moment experiencing the animal and relating to it in the moment - what a friggin gift!

There has been a fair amount of research done on the fact that interacting with animals is good for the soul, and the physical. Get with the program people. Cities and landlords - start allowing animals in your buildings. The world will change if you do this. Seriously!

The other awesome event this week was teaching a little stranded seal that washed up on the beach to eat.  He learned, very gently, in just three feeds.  We have nicknamed him Avatar.  And I am in love all over again.


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