cove slaughter

I am saddened and battling to understand people again.  The cove dolphins are cordoned off, awaiting slaughter.  Some being taken to dolphin facilities world wide.  How do people stand there and do this?  How do they sleep at night with those decisions in their head?  Then again how do we all?  Driving to a bird sanctuary yesterday I saw a cattle truck on its way to the abattoir.  What is the difference?  Then I saw a bearded vulture at the sanctuary.  Only 320 of the left in the world and they are planning wind generators in their area – a certain death certificate. 

Here is a prayer – look into the eyes of an animal.  Or a human.  See them for the miracle that they are.  Then make choices that are respectful and loving.  As yourself – What would love do?  I am so grateful that I am surrounded by animals.  And so grateful that there is no effort required for me to care for them. 


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